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I think that today Fingered gets a very good meaning. Very fitting as my first vid to post. Enjoy!

Some news

Jul. 31st, 2010 04:49 pm
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I guess some of you are already on their way to the UK or Cardiff, but the Internet is everywhere, so here are some news for you.

Thanks for answering my last post. The hotel rooms are booked and confirmed or canceled. All is well.

Gabriel Strange has offered again to make a Torchwood tour with us. Saturday we will meet at some time at the Bay and walk into Cardiff. Thanks a lot Gabriel!

And we have now two new supports for the gig, since Kryo Phere has lost their drummer. Justine told me that we now have Pun Ra and Intensive Square. They are both on myspace if you want to listen to them.

That's it for today. The sun is burning down and I will jump into the lake again before I sit down to chill in front of my tent.

Have fun everybody!

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So, my darlings, the meet-up is nearly upon us and although I'm on vacation in the middle of nowhere, I did get a few requests on when to do things. Here is a first draft of what I think and you all have to help me and tell me what you think.

I will arrive on thursday around 14:00 at the hotel and I hope to meet lots of you there. So I suggest

Thursday, 5th of August:   17:00 first official meet-up at a pub, since the Prince of Wales will be the meet-up at Friday, I'm open to suggestions :-)

Friday, 6th of August:  a morning at the Bay. The shrine, the Dr. Who exhibition, maybe take a boat around the Bay?
I know that the TW meet-up is from 17:00 at the Prince of Wales for something to eat and some cheap beer (the Buffalo Bar seams to be expensive) so I think we could join them. I'm not sure when I have to be at the venue to pay them, we'll see.
After the gig, I would love to sit down somewhere just to talk about it. After all this month I need to know what we all think about it!

Saturday, 7th of August: there are a few things I would like to do here. Just roam around Cardiff and maybe do a little bit of shopping, a little bit of Torchwood sight seeing, and last but not least the castle and our famous pic-nic, which I hope the weather will allow.

Sunday, 8th of August: It's check-out day and I will have to catch a train at 12:50, so maybe a nice long breakfast at a pub would do it?

Like I said, this are suggestions and I would like to know what you think. Start plotting with me!

Oh, and since I have you all looking at this: PLEASE, could everyone who needs a room tell me the dates! I have some reservations made and need to cancel them if we don't need them!
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This week I learned that we are bloody obstinate, brainless and that we should get over it, even if we really don't want to.


In only two weeks I'm going to meet some of the sanest, most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure to know and I can't wait for it to happen!

We will have a great Hysterical Women meet-up in Cardiff and a our own Blue Gillespie gig. We will visit the shrine and the Dr Who exhcibition, we will have a pic-nic by the castle and we will spend lots of time together. HWs from Italy, France, USA, Germany and the UK will finally meet after over a year of hard work to just spend time together.

Take a look at all the great stuff Heikki has been designing and join us!

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As you all may know by now we are having a meet-up in Cardiff in August. And now we finally have a venue for our very own Blue Gillespie gig that will happen the 6th of August at the Buffalo Bar. I know that lots of you are going to be there and BG has put up a site on facebook for the gig. Go and join and tell us what you think.!/event.php?eid=127734987258028&ref=mf

We are looking for a support yet. I hope to have news very soon.

And on the BGs homepage we now have the Buy-Now-Button for the tickets.

We are officially selling tickets! *Is nervous*
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Yes, I know it has been a while, but Real Life has been, well, difficult. Sorry for the delay.

Now we start the final setup for the meet up and I need to know who is going to come to Cardiff in August and join us for the stay. The meet up will take place from Thursday the 5th to sunday the 8th. Blue Gillespie will play the 6th and we will go to the shrine, hopefully have a little TW tour , see the castle, maybe a pic nic by the castle? Do all the fun stuff that we always talk about.

We decided on the Future Inn as the Hotel to stay and I know that some of you have already booked a room there. For all of you who want us to book for them: The doubleroom costs 59 Pounds for the night. It costs more with every person who officially checks in: 74 for 3 people and 89 for 4 people, but we know that you can always just casually drop in to see a friend and just stay for the night.

I need your complete names and the dates of your arrival and departure if you want me to make the reservation. The reservations can be cancelled up to the last moment and we don't need to make a deposit, so if you're not sure, lets make a reservation anyway and cancell it later.

About the gig: it will happen! The guys are booked and have put it on their Web site, we just don't have the venue yet. Turns out it was a little bit difficult to do it from outside the UK. But we are on it.

That's it. Feel free to comment or send me your names and dates as PM. I hope to see lots of you in Cardiff this summer!


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