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That's the town where I was born and that the earthquake couldn't tear down. The most beautiful city in the world, Valparaíso. And the singer went to Kindergarten with my mom :-)
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There has to be a first time for everything, so now this is going to be my first LJ post. Just something about me, so if someone ever comes this way they know who I am and why my english is so miserable.

My name is Rox and in 1966 I was born in the most beautiful city of the world: Valparaíso de Chile. In 1975 we had to leave the country because of political reasons and because the parents of my mother were germans, we came to Germany. Here I grew up and went back to Chile from 89 to 95 to study audiovisual communication. In 1995 I visited my family in Germany and I met my significant other. So I staid.
I was a cutter for TV for a few years, but when my kids were born in 2002 and 2005 I couldn't go back. To kids and a working husband didn't fit well with 60 to 70 hours a week.
Now I teach german kids Spanish, and that's sometimes fun and sometimes not. And again I am in a beautiful harbor, now it's Hamburg.

So really Spanish and German are my languages, but when I fell in love with Janto last year I had to dig up my english. So noe I am a hysterical woman (number 974 at your service.)

I love movies, Jane Austen, superhero-comics, israeli dancing, my laptop and above all reading the beautiful stories about Jack and Ianto in LJ. And maybe one day I will write a story myself....


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