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Here he is. Gareth David-Lloyd, my Cult Hero! Couldn't love him any more.
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And another one. This is Bam Bam.
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And another one from Blue Gillespie in Preston. This was Gareth trying to bring his band to play with the warming up act, but they were "outside smoking". And testing the mics with a nice little song...
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And this was my favorite from Blue Gillespie in Preston.
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Every day a video from the Blue Gillespie gig in Preston the 28th of December. We had the time of our lifes and Gareth was sexy as hell! This is The Swamp.
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I found this at thescarletwoman's lj and I had to post it. Look at 2:10, I'm still on the floor laughing.
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I'm so proud, you can't even start to imagine! WE ROCK!

This beautiful vid is from  geekchick1013
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Help us to bring Ianto back! Help us reach 10.000 today!
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There has to be a first time for everything, so now this is going to be my first LJ post. Just something about me, so if someone ever comes this way they know who I am and why my english is so miserable.

My name is Rox and in 1966 I was born in the most beautiful city of the world: Valparaíso de Chile. In 1975 we had to leave the country because of political reasons and because the parents of my mother were germans, we came to Germany. Here I grew up and went back to Chile from 89 to 95 to study audiovisual communication. In 1995 I visited my family in Germany and I met my significant other. So I staid.
I was a cutter for TV for a few years, but when my kids were born in 2002 and 2005 I couldn't go back. To kids and a working husband didn't fit well with 60 to 70 hours a week.
Now I teach german kids Spanish, and that's sometimes fun and sometimes not. And again I am in a beautiful harbor, now it's Hamburg.

So really Spanish and German are my languages, but when I fell in love with Janto last year I had to dig up my english. So noe I am a hysterical woman (number 974 at your service.)

I love movies, Jane Austen, superhero-comics, israeli dancing, my laptop and above all reading the beautiful stories about Jack and Ianto in LJ. And maybe one day I will write a story myself....


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